Who She Is

Katy Franco is a well-known Latina comedienne and actress, motivational speaker, author and certified laughter therapist.

As a stand-up comic, she has worked in Hollywood's most famous nightclubs, including the Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, Improv and Ice House. Women’s Health magazine called her “the Cause Comedienne.” Her acting credits include the theater, soap operas, films and miniseries. In the Latin world she is a celebrity because of her numerous TV and stage credits. She has performed in the USA, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Argentina and France, speaking English, Spanish and French.

As a motivational speaker, she shows audiences how laughter and humor lead to a happier, healthier, more productive life. She does this by weaving stand-up comedy, episodes from her life, and laughter therapy exercises into an energetic, hysterically funny presentation. Audiences laugh, cry, and take home a range of Katy’s potent techniques for overcoming adversity and improving their own lives. 

Katy is a certified laughter therapist and has promoted her formula of laughter and positivism - which she calls Celebrity Laughter Therapy - at scores of municipal and corporate events, schools, women’s forums, and hospitals. She was a keynote speaker at the 2012 Annual Conference of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. Dozens of news programs, magazine articles and newspaper stories have featured interviews with her.

Since overcoming breast cancer in 2005, she has been renowned for her tireless campaign in support of early detection and improved quality of life for patients and their families. In addition to visiting cancer wards, children’s hospitals, and places like the Ronald McDonald House, she has been the breast cancer spokesperson for companies like Avon, starred in the original one-woman show called The Breast Years of My Life (Sacando Pecho), and co-authored a book titled Chemorella with her husband Ken Phillips.

Her work has earned numerous honors including official proclamations by the House of Representatives and Senate of Puerto Rico, as well as several municipalities in that country. She is a recipient of the R’ire d’Or (Golden Laughter Award) from the International School of Laughter in France. Chemorella was named a “best book of the year” by Borders in Puerto Rico.

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