Katy's acting credits including leading dramatic and comedic roles in the theater, soap operas, films and miniseries. For her portrayal of a mother whose child had Down Syndrome, she received the Agüeybaná de Oro (the Puerto Rican equivalent of the Emmy) for Best Supporting Actress In a Miniseries. 


Katy Franco in Locas


Katy has performed leading dramatic roles in the theater like 'night Mother (Jessie), Extremities (Marjorie) and Children of a Lesser God (Sarah) as well as comedic turns like the mother of a vampire in the Los Angeles production of Rick Najera’s acclaimed Latinologues. She wrote and starred in The Breast Years of My Life (Sacando Pecho), a one-woman show about the lighter side of surviving breast cancer. In Latin American soap operas she played a number of famous villains, while in sitcoms she portrayed a variety of funny, original characters. She also hosted a children's television show and did a turn as an on-air entertainment reporter.

In short, Katy is a bilingual, cross-over actress who has played a wide range of dramatic and comedic leading roles in the American and Latino markets, in addition to hosting a television show and reporting entertainment news.




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