Katy's acting credits including leading dramatic and comedic roles in the theater, soap operas, films and miniseries. For her portrayal of a mother whose child had Down Syndrome, she received the Agüeybaná de Oro (the Puerto Rican equivalent of the Emmy) for Best Supporting Actress In a Miniseries. 


Katy Franco in Locas

Katy Franco "took the stage by storm with her sharp social and sexual commentary....For over half an hour the Hollywood based actress/comedienne had the whole room eating from her hand. Her standup routine is a very physical, fast paced, daring and insightful look at modern womanhood. Nothing escapes the comedienne's sharp sense of reality and of the absurd." -- Max Resto, the San Juan Star. 

Katy has done her screamingly funny stand-up routines all over Puerto Rico, the USA and at Hollywood's most famous nightclubs, including the Laugh Factory on Sunset Strip, the Improv on Melrose and the Ice House in Pasadena.

Her one-woman shows, The Breast Years of My Life (Sacando Pecho) and For Women Only (Solo Para Mujeres), have cheered, wowed and slayed audiences in the USA and Puerto Rico.



Audiences describe her as "dynamic," "funny" and "inspirational." Katy has been the keynote speaker for a variety of organizations such as the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor and for the Governor of Puerto Rico. A current topic is I Wanna Iguana - Getting What You Want No Matter How Crazy It Seems


Katy Franco speaking

Katy Franco co-authored the book Chemorella with her husband, Ken Phillips. It is about beating cancer and achieving your dreams. Written in English and Spanish side-by-side, with illustrations on every other page, it was named a “Best Book of 2010” (Borders in Puerto Rico). Preview the most meaningful “Cinderella story” ever told at Chemorella.com.



“We do our best work when we are happy. It is an emotion that makes things happen at work, at home, or on the playing field. Happiness brings clarity of mind, draws others to us, and boosts productivity. In the workplace it also reduces illness and turnover.” -- Katy Franco from her one-hour mind-body program called "Risoterapia" (Spanish for “laughter therapy”).

Weaving stand-up comedy, tales from her life, and laughter therapy exercises, Katy makes audiences laugh as they learn a variety of self-help tools to make them happy, healthy and more productive. This is a live performance that she does for people of all ages, in English and Spanish.

Here are the four parts of Katy Franco's Celebrity Laughter Therapy (in Spanish, Risoterapia):

  • The motivational address - Katy talks about turning obstacles into opportunities, speaking from the heart about her recovery from breast cancer.
  • "Good Heart Laughing" - 7 easy steps to happiness.
  • "The Laughter Diet" - 6 minute exercise routine for a healthier, stress-free body and a clear mind.
  • Laughter exercises - techniques to provoke laughter without jokes or outside stimulation, for the purpose of relieving tension, increasing circulation and creating a positive, problem-solving mindset.

Katy Franco Risoterapia English